In the middle of May I joined the drawing competition as like as usually. I often join drawing competition. But this competition was different than before,because in this competition we had to draw on a kite. When I joined drawing competition my mother always beside me. We always go to place of competition together. This competition was held on Sunday,at least one week before the competition I trained  hard before, in order to on that day  I have ready to join the competition. But on Saturday I felt unconfidence,because didn’t get ready yet, and I fell sick too. And the day was coming, I was still confused… Finally, I chose to keep join the competition . I went there with my beloved mother, but she just brought a few money. When we arrived there, I got ready my table,crayon,marker,and water color. The competition running during two hours. After that,the participants watched entertain show. And when the winner were announced… I got number 2, I didn’t concer before. At the time I and my mother was very happy. Thanks ya Allah…


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